Which are the Best Topiary Trees?

Whether you are creating topiary trees from scratch or you are using a tree that has been ready trained from the nursery, you need to know which are the best trees for topiary and the easiest to shape and maintain.

Typically topiary trees are evergreen trees as they will remain a permanent feature in the garden all year round and won’t end up shedding their leaves during autumn and winter. The box tree is often used for topiary due to it’s small leaves which grow densely to create a thick tight growth when clipped.box-topiary-trees

If you are training over a frame then you will need a tree or woody shrub that will lend itself to vining but with thick dense foliage.

The yew tree can also be used as a topiary tree as it is a very structured tree – it is ideal as a garden boundary owing to its density and can be easily shaped to produce topiary designs in the garden.

See right: Hardy Buxus (Box Tree) Topiary PyramidHardy Buxus (Box Tree) Topiary Pyramid

Aside from the box tree and the yew tree you can use privet, holly and Lonicera Nitilda for topiary and hedging.