5 Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging can help to spruce up your garden and give it an all year round neat look. Garden edging can be made from almost any materials, with the most common being concrete, brick or stone, however why not be more adventurous with your garden edging ideas and go for something a little more unusual. We have 5 garden edging ideas which will help you to make more of your garden design.

Cobbled Paving Garden Edging

Paving doesn’t just have to be lying flat on the garden path. Why not use a cobbled paving to neaten up the edging around your flower beds or lawn.

garden edging cobbled stones

Cobbled Stone Effect Garden Lawn EdgingCobbled Stone Effect Garden Lawn Edging

Log Border Garden Edging

Make your garden edging a little more natural with a log style running around the borders. Easy to use and can be placed on curved and straight garden borders. Make sure you find one that has been pressure impregnated to avoid rot and keep it long-lasting.

Log Roll Border Edging

Log Roll Border Edging

Border Pebble Strip Garden Edging

If you have the space for something flat and wide in your garden edging then why not go for a flat pebble style edging. This is perfect for around flower beds, around ponds and water features and around a patio edging to give it an extra feature. What we love about these is that if you have any left over you can use it for the bathroom – perfect combined with that rain shower you have always wanted!

Garden Border Pebble Strips

garden edging pebble strips

Bamboo Garden Edging

Bamboo garden edging looks fantastic, is long lasting and keeps the garden looking light. Perfect if you are going for a slightly oriental look in your garden. Looks great around taller beds. Make sure you get one that is taller than you need so that you can place a good proportion of the edging in to the ground. Take a look at the life expectancy on any you buy and aim for something that has around ten years.


Decorative White Bamboo Edging Roll With StakesDecorative White Bamboo Edging Roll With Stakes

Horizontal Log Garden Edging

This style will usually come in different lengths of wood panels and is hardwearing with pointed legs for insertion. This style of garden edging is perfect if you want to something natural looking that neatly borders your beds.


Horizontal Border Fence EdgingHorizontal Border Fence Edging